Cycling For Weight Loss, It's That Simple!

-Andrew, 21th Mar 2023

As a new and popular fitness trend, road cycling is increasingly loved by young people. With the rise of urbanization and environmental awareness, more and more people are choosing road bikes as their mode of transportation and discovering that this type of exercise is a very effective way to lose weight. (Be sure to wear proper Gear for bicycle riding.)

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Road cycling is an aerobic exercise that can significantly enhance the body's cardiovascular function. According to experts' calculations, riding a road bike for an hour can burn 500-1000 calories. During this process, the arms and trunk work statically, while the legs work dynamically. Therefore, when blood is redistributed, the blood supply to the lower limbs is often greater, and the heartbeat will increase 2-3 times more than usual. Long-term cycling can develop the heart muscle, enlarge the heart, make the heart muscle contract strongly, increase lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, and improve lung function. The Foot rests design, which is based on the concept of human joint range of motion, is more conducive to your coordination and comfort during cycling.ROAD-TO-SKY- Aluminum-Alloy-Pedals

Boosted Metabolism

Road cycling is an aerobic exercise, meaning it can increase the heart and respiratory rates, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the body's metabolism. During road cycling, the body needs to generate more energy to maintain the exercise, which requires the body to accelerate the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates to produce more energy. This accelerated metabolism can continue for several hours or even days after cycling. Additionally, road cycling can increase the load and intensity of muscles, which helps to increase the metabolic rate of muscles and maintain muscle mass. Through cycling, the body can also consume more calories, which helps reduce body fat and improve the body's metabolic level. Sweat generated during cycling can be better dried with ROAD TO SKY sleeveless shirt, which is not sticky and better ensures comfort during cycling.ROAD-TO-SKY-Cycling-Sleeveless-Base-Layer

Reduced Fat Accumulation

Road cycling is an aerobic exercise that can consume a lot of energy, thereby reducing fat accumulation. When cycling, the body requires more energy to maintain the exercise, so it starts to extract energy from the body's fat reserves. Over time, the body's fat reserves will gradually decrease, reducing the body's fat content. Additionally, road cycling can increase the load and intensity of muscles, which helps to increase the metabolic rate of muscles and maintain muscle mass. This means that the body can more effectively consume calories, and there is more muscle to consume these calories, thereby reducing the body's fat accumulation.


Strengthened Leg Muscles

Road cycling can strengthen and shape the leg muscles, making them stronger and more powerful. During road cycling, the leg muscles need to continuously generate force to drive the pedals, including the thigh muscles, calf muscles, and glutes. Regular cycling can help improve leg muscle strength and endurance, which can help support the body during other exercises and daily activities.



Cycling on the road bike, as an emerging fitness trend, is effective for weight loss. Aerobic exercise through road cycling can enhance cardiovascular function, promote metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and exercise leg muscles. Road cycling can consume a large amount of calories and fat, which helps to reduce body fat content and increase muscle mass. Through road cycling, the body can also increase metabolism rate, improve metabolism level, and be helpful for weight loss. However, it is necessary to wear bicycle Gear for bicycle riding to ensure personal safety.


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